New branch enrollment has started!
Welcoming - October 8
Limited 50 places for Pre-School и Toddlers groups
₸120.000 the full-day option
₸100.000 the half-day option

Al-Farabi - Dostyk

Till the end of online registration:
Autumn 2019
We utterly happy to announce opening of our Montessori elementary school!
We are making big step towards one of the best quality and successful educational system in the world

Gift your child an opportunity to take on the world
Gift us an opportunity to help him with it.

We became even bigger!
We opened a new branch -
Luxury building surrounded by 2 hectares of picturesque landscape: fruit-bearing garden, pond with ducks, greenhouse, coniferous lane

Discover Kindervilla
What is Montessori?

Perhaps, you have already hears about Montessori. It gives an opportunity to bring up independence in a child and to provide healthy physical, psychological, and social development. In other words, your child will cease to show unreasonable aggression, will become attentive and caring and will show a healthy interest in the world around him. Just watch this video made by Trevor Eissler. It is extremely interesting.
"Montessori Madness!"
Multiplication in our Kindergarten
What our children achieve?

Humane attitude to the child, respect for his personality, harmonious environment leads him to the need to seek and gain new knowledge. Continuous self-motivation in the process of work in Montessori environment gives a quick and thorough result - the desire and interest of the child to education.
We cooperate with Germany, Austria, Russia
and South Africa
Allow your child to adopt a high international level of knowledge.

Our coaches and friends
Professionals with a huge experience are working hard for the development of our children
Heidrun Hasse-Andersen
Montessori teacher from Bonn, Germany
Maria Reddig
Montessori teacher from Frankfurt, Germany
Sigrid Pohler
Teacher of English from Stuttgart, Germany
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Your child will get the best
Alternative pedagogy, which allows to bring up independence, self-sufficiency and confidence in the child.
Chess Club
The chess club will develop analytical skills in your child.
Arts and Crafts
Let the child express themselves; they is able to make it really beautiful, sensual, bright.
English environment
Open the whole world to your child
Dance Classes
In addition to unforgettable emotions, dances give the child the ability to be neat, graceful, attentive.
Our prices
Kinderhouse Dostyk and Kindervilla
Toddlers 1.5 - 3
100.000 tenge - 8:00-13:00
120.000 tenge - 8:00-17:00
Preschoolers 3 - 6
100.000 tenge - 8:00-13:00
120.000 tenge - 8:00-17:00
Trial (5 days)
Kinderhouse- 30.000 tenge - 8:00-13:00
Kindervilla - 25.000 tenge- 8:00-13:00
Kinderhouse (Teplichny)
Toddlers 1.5 - 3
75.000 tenge - 8:00-13:00
95.000 tenge - 8:00-17:00
Preschoolers 3 - 6
75.000 tenge - 8:00-13:00
95.000 tenge - 8:00-17:00
Trial (5 days)
25.000 tenge - 8:00-13:00
I came to Montessori pedagogy after the accident that had made my two-year-old daughter bedridden. Long-term rehabilitation made me a Montessori teacher, and my medical skills gradually were replaced by pedagogical skills. Time-proved technique helped my little daughter to recover fully and it also gave her a strong educational foundation. In the authentic Montessori environment children become emancipated and disciplined, persevering and accurate, self-sufficient and motivated. By allowing your child to be brought up with the help of this technique, you can observe an irresistible desire for knowledge and new discoveries in them. Isn't this what we want to see in our children?
Regina Karibayeva
Principal of Int. Montessori Kinderhouse,, Montessori teacher, pediatrician, PhD

To get a job at International Montessori Kinderhouse
Are you advanced in English or are you a Montessori teacher? Perhaps, both? Do you want to get valuable knowledge, develop with our speed and get worthy salary?
Send us your CV we will definitely contact you!
And if you want to be our volunteer we will create best conditions for you and present you a certificate.
International Montessori Kinderhouse.
Our contacts:
Calls: +7 (701) 737 24 46
E-mail: imkalmaty@gmail.com
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20 Microdistrict Teplichnyi, Almaty
Close to Sain str and Zhandosov str

77 Arnan str. Almaty
Close to Shalyapin str and Ashimov str

Al-Farabi/Luganskogo 107b
Kinderhouse Dostyk

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